Welcome to Mary Jane Grant Sign Language Interpreting Services
Dedicated to providing quality interpreting services in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts through a team of highly qualified professionals
Mary Jane Grant, born to Deaf parents, has been a member of the Maine Deaf community since childhood.  Currently, she
provides sign language interpreting services to deaf communities in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Certified
since 1999 through (the) Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), she has experiences working in an array of settings and
with a widely diverse clientele, including the Maine State Legislature, the Dept of Labor, DHHS, DOT and other state entities
as well as a broad range of community work ranging from educational to corporate and theatrical settings.

Testimonials demonstrate that Ms. Grant is a reliable asset to Deaf and hearing communities.  She understands the need for
effective communication. As a member of the community she serves, Ms. Grant recognizes that each interpreting situation is
unique and requires attention to detail.  She brings a high level of professionalism, skill and confidentiality to all assignments.

In addition to interpreting, she is an instructor in the University of Southern Maine’s Interpreter Training Program. Her goal at
the University is to foster the growth of the sign language interpreting profession.  When not interpreting, Ms. Grant
volunteers her time as a mentor for aspiring interpreters.
Ms. Grant is excited to provide her professional services to Deaf and hearing communities as a direct contractor and Maine Government contractor.  Ms. Grant believes
her capacity to contribute to the field is best executed by the establishment of a private practice interpreting business.  Mary Jane Grant Interpreting invites you to join
her as she uses her gifts from the community for the community.

If you would like to discuss your interpreting situation or to schedule Mary Jane Grant and her associates for interpreting assignments, please contact